turning her inside out ? poop as big as yours , crying hen

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    one of my hen is constantly walking around as if she is eggbound , she did lay so that ain't the issue , stepped into the pen and saw her doing weird , I first tought ' is she now again going to lay ? ' no but she did act like it , once she got up if I went to gave them treats I saw what it was , I believe her if she is wining and crying now ! I don't think I would just sit on the toilet reading a magazine while creating such a huge amount of such size ! it is not hard (luckily for the poor girl !! ) but it is also not watery enough for diarria , she still eats and drinks ( drinks a lot more than usual too ) and she has gotten medicin (panacur ) before so I don't know what this could be and how she got it , it looks just exactly like a poop coming from a dog , big and brown ( usually it is a bit dark with white right ? ) could she still be infected by worms ? what causes something like this ?? I think for all safety I will watch her poop carefully and take a sample to look it under the scope and perhaps I should give her some extra stomach stones and if not better a cure of panacur ?? Can I please have your opinions on this ?
    She gets mixed food from special foodstore , I there bought two different sacs with grains and pellets , I always mix the two , one hand of that sac and one hand of that one so I don't have to start giving different food if one of the sacs is empty because I know that changing from food can cause some problems ( learned in past time and noticed these two combined are the best ) , the scraps I give are usually not cooked , they get some leaves of chicon , chunks we don't like to eat or some older bread which is always dried before giving it ( without fungus !!! ) , some outmeal leftovers in yoghurt / milk , rice (cooked ) , also some cooked veggies but without sauces / salt , some fruit ( they have daily some appels I give them bought for them by a local farmer who in october always has too much of it where he filles up some huge crates for me , I buy two and get one for free is the way it goes , along with vegetables not approved for selling that we can still eat too but I leave the biggest amounts for the chickens so they always have some fresh healthy snacks , since they're with that many and we ( my girl and I otherwise dont have enough scraps so each chicken would get some )
    That is what they eat plus I buy insects for my reptiles and I breed those so they also get daily fresh mealworms , crickets and grashoppers that became too big ( flyers ) . Any ideas VERY welcome since I don't understand what is going on , she did not poop AT ALL yesterday btw !!! :(((
    TY much for your concerns !
    *edit : they also get oystershells / grit and they can always pick up a little bit of stomachstones , I selected the finest for small birds from a brand most chicken and bird owners buy due it's good quality , not mixed into their food , it's hanging in a small bucket they know they can find it when they feel like , same goes for the rest , all in sperate buckets , water is daily fresh ( did forget few days ago but it looked quite clean and usually it is daily I refresh it )
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    She might just be getting too much to eat. I would stop everything but the chicken layer feed for a week and see if that makes a difference. If they are reluctant to eat without all of the other foods, add a lot of water to a bowl of feed to make it runny. Add just a bit of plain yogurt and stir it in.

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