Turning our 1.5 acre property in Scottsdale into a small farm

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    Mar 12, 2016
    Hi Arizonans! We live in Scottsdale and have been planning a big enclosed garden that is being installed soon and we want to get some chickens as well. I have been looking at coops and trying to find the perfect one, probably getting 12-15 chicks. I am also researching all the ins and outs of raising chickens in the desert. We have a casita where we can keep them while young and then move them into the coop when ready. I am worried about the chickens during the hot months especially because we travel so I will need to rely on help from friends to take care of them. Any suggestions on the best coop or best practices here in the desert would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Set up #1 my breeding barn
    It is cheaper to make a coop than buy.


    Set up #2 small coop only used for roosting at night, and external nesting boxes. Inside a large 20 x 20 run

    Summer heat
    Ventilation is the most important, I use a three sided coop. During the summer both of my coops have a fan that blows in one corner, you will the chickens standing in front of cooling off.

    Plenty of water, on the days over 100 degrees, I use a plastic tray and a 2 litter bottle filled with frozen water. Unscrew the cap and let it melt, giving cool water. I also use automatic waterers so they always have water. I also have my drip irrigation in the coop come on around 2 pm for 20 min.to give a damp spot they can lay in.

    Shade, have plenty of shade whether it is man made or bushes/trees.

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