Turning the eggs ( NEED HELP VERY URGENT !! )

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    I am on day 4 of incubation and i was thinking of doing a NO TURN hatch, but would it hurt to start turning the eggs now after 4 days in the incubator of not being turned? Because i've heard of many ppl having better success with NO TURN hatches than with turning the eggs 3 to 5 times a day for 18 days. Which according to the hatching methods makes no sense because turning is supposed to be EXTREMELY URGENT that you do so the 3 or 5 times a day for 18 day, and also in nature, when a hen goes broody and starts setting she automatically turns the eggs constantly, so a NO TURN hatch doesn't seem very realistic. But as i said people have BETTER SUCCESS with NO TURN hatches than by turning the eggs. Anybody with experience on this situation please explain, VERY ERGENT !!

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    I don't believe in "no turning" hatches being successful, to be honest with you. Turning is vital during the early stages of incubation and studies have shown that:

    - It prevents the embryo adhering to the inner shell membrane.
    - It stimulates the rate of development of area vasculosa (the membrane growing around the yolk, which is rich in blood vessels). This membrane is important for sub-embryonic fluid formation, as well as yolk uptake later in incubation.
    - Allows normal transfer of albumen (egg white) protein into the amniotic fluid, promoting optimum use of the albumen.
    - Supports the growth of the chorio-allantois (blood vessels in the inner membrane covering the chick) that absorbs oxygen and basically breathes for the developing embryo.
    - Helps the embryo develop and grow at the correct rate.
    - Encourages the embryo to to move into the normal hatching position, thereby reducing malpositions.

    During the final week of incubation turning is not as essential any more, though I prefer turning right up to lockdown.

    I've have seen inadequate turning of the eggs and/or turning at an inadequate angle coming up more than once as a cause of embryo mortality and other hatch related problems. So I would suggest start turning the eggs and see how the hatch goes. Good luck!
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    i agree with sumi, turning is important in exercising the embryos. people who have lower hatch rates from turning more than likely are turning improperly, or accidentally adding something toxic to the eggs when they touch them. - or even possibly killing them with the pen/pencil/marker that they are using to mark them.
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