Turning wine cooler into incubator.....

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    I see a few posts on converting a wine cooler into a incubator.

    Did you know the cooling element can be converted into a heating element with just a reversal of the wires? I have a Coleman portable fridge that the power supply changes polarity so it can be a hot box or cool chest. Might be able to use the internal digital thermostat most wine coolers have to keep the temp perfect and displayed.

    After that it would be just controlling the temp. How hot do you want for chicken, duck or goose eggs? Does the temp need to change during the cycle? How about removing racks and using the incubator as the place to keep them warm until they get their feathers and can take outside temperatures?

    The 2nd thing I read was that the eggs need to move every 21 hours? The manual wire method seems best here. I mean you are going to visit them every day to see what's going on anyways right? Just have a digital timer set for 21 hours. Heck you could put this thing in your front room to put your beer on and watch TV and the incubator right?

    3rd thing is humidity. Does that need to be controlled?

    For the "cheap" incubators I see, they only control temperature, more expensive ones move the eggs, and I don't see any that have a humidity controller, but do show percent humidity.

    I have not raised chickens before, but I am quite the tinkerer. Maybe a group project so we can have the input of the more experienced chicken hatchers (Don't know a better word for it), tinkerers like myself and those that have tried it already.

    I'm leaning towards ducks and geese. Are their incubation methods different?


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    Chickens do a great job busting up horse manure to dust and preventing worms from propagating. The compost pile article is a great one too. The chickens where I board do tear up the ground to just dirt. They just need a compost pile as a project, I'm sure they would love that.
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    Apr 3, 2012
    Chickens: 99 and 102 degrees F.
    Ducks: 99.5°F
    Geese: 102.9 (Still Air) and 99.5 (Forced Air)
    (All Degrees Measured in Fahrenheit
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    I was just thinking of doing this. Still contemplating it as I am not electronic savvy. I see some wine coolers on Craigslist that are dirt cheap. I'll have to research more.
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    Here ya go: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/721779/project-code-name-ultra-bator

    Actually eggs should be turned at least twice a day, 3-5 times is better and of course the electric turners do something like 6. I'm lucky to manage twice a day manually because I have a crazy work schedule. I do try to turn as close to 12 hours apart as I can though, so they aren't sitting on one side longer than the other. I also tend to not turn them perfectly each time so there is some variation in the exact direction they are facing each time. The reason for turning eggs is to prevent the chick from growing to the shell and being stuck.


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