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Apr 16, 2021
**Edit to add: after looking at some pictures, I'm now turn between brown leghorns and welsummers for my brown ladies. There are so many similar breeds!!**

I got 8 chicks at the end of April from Rural King. It was end of the season, and they were on clearance, so they had combined different breeds into each brooder. The teenager that helped me didn't know what any of them were, and at that point I had been there for an hour with 3 small kids, so I just wanted to get my girls and go.

One of the babies didn't make it thru the first night (we expected one or two casualties, so I'm left with 7. I thought for sure I had the breeds pinned down after a few good night's of researching online, but now I'm realizing that one is a rooster.

Six of our girls are for sure hens, two white leghorns, 3 brown leghorns, and a golden comet. My best guess is that they are all about 15 weeks old.

Our boy was the tiniest of the group, but has grown quickly and surpassed the girls. He's now the largest. His tail is big and showy, but I thought maybe that was just a difference in breed.

I can't find any descriptions that match what my big man is. Looking for suggestions. Thank you!!
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