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    Thank you big time to "Chickensmommy" on this board.

    Back in October, she posted she has a few extra chickens to sell. She had a few Ameraucanas, which was a breed I thought I might like to have.

    Timing was perfect, although I had to be sure they were hens, as with others in suburban U.S., roosters are very problematic. Two times when I bought chicks from our local feed store, Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel, of the four I bought, one turned out to be a roo. And, of course, by the time it became apparent, I was already very attached. So, I went through lots of stress to find them a good home.

    As I totally love baby chicks, I just can't go through that issue again.

    So, I checked in with Chickensmommy to see about getting them a little older when we could be sure they were hens, and she did just that. We agreed I would connect back with her the end of November to see where we are will all this.

    After several emails back and forth, we found a me to drive over (we are both in the SF Bay Area) and purchase the girls.

    They are adorable.

    It's raining like crazy here, so I have then in an "isolation" cage. Basically a nice big heavy wire cage up next to one of the walls of the chicken yard. They have their food (eating like crazy), water and can see out as well as the other girls can see in. I have it covered on three sides with a large tarp. Had to refill their food dish after only two hours. So they seem to be adjusting just fine. If it's not raining tomorrow I'll fold the tarp back a bit so they can see out better and the other girls can check out the newbies.

    Thank you again, Chickensmommy. I'll keep you posted. [​IMG]

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    Congratulations on your new girls! [​IMG]

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