Twins..... Half and half?


8 Years
Apr 14, 2014
Hey all.
My hen went broody on a double yolker two weeks ago. Today I did my final candle and one of the chicks is developing normally, while the other is just a yolk. Not sure what to do... really want this chick alive. Has anyone had this happen before? Will post pics soon.
I think it's common for us to think "Hey, double yolker, twins would be neat", but it's so rare for both to hatch, and many times neither hatch. I doubt there is much you can do, especially with it being with a broody hen. She may help it out, depends on the broody.
If you would consider taking the egg from momma and finishing in the incubator, assisting the hatch would be possible, but still not a whole lot more likely to improve the possible outcome.
I'd say wish her luck!
Agreed with WV. Incubating a double yolker is a lesson in frustration and disappointment. I think I'd be inclined to remove it from the clutch, the moment I knew it was a double. When setting eggs, you can avoid this issue by following the time honored recommendation: don't set those HUGE eggs. Choose eggs that are of average size and shape for the breed.

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