Twisted leg - vitamin deficiency?


12 Years
Apr 8, 2008
SW Indiana
When our chicks arrived, one arrived with a foot that appears to be hurt. Never having seen a chick with this issue, I can't tell if it was hurt in the shipping or if it was born with it's foot/leg this way.

(Edited to include additional information) Note: There are many links on this site for spraddle leg. From everything I've read, this is not spraddle leg but instead "twisted leg." Through my Internet research, there is not anything you can really do for a chick with twisted leg. It is caused by a vitamin deficiency of "choline" prior to birth (see

If you look at the pictures and don't feel that I have come to the right conclusion, please feel free to send me a message or post to this message. I don't want to cull the chick but nor do I think it fair to leave her vunerable.

The chick is a brahma, probably a week old at this point.





Thanks for the advice and help.
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