Two 10 week old Freedom Ranger Roosters- FREE

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  1. RobLII

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    Jul 14, 2011
    Hi, I need to give away 2 Freedom Ranger Roosters ASAP.
    I started w/ chickens in May when I recieved 4 straight run Freedom Rangers from a school hatching project. I was excited to have some chickens for fresh eggs, bug control, and just to have around. Just my luck ALL 4 turned out to be roosters!! Someone from a local camp was nice enough to take 2 from me the other day. I need to give the other 2 away asap to a great home.They are 2.5 months old and they are great birds with friendly personalities. They both eat right out of my hand. They free range daily and always return to the coop at dusk ready to be tucked in for the night. The only reason I can't keep them is because of the crowing, the neighbors are fairly close and I do not want to cause any problems.
    If anyone can take them or knows of anyone who wants a few great roosters shoot me a personal message. I live in Putnam Valley, in Putnam County, NY and I would take them to you or meet you some where. I will provide 2 bags of feed along with them to get their new owners started! Thanks, Rob
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    Apr 25, 2010
    Sent you a pm Wed...hoping to hear from you. [​IMG]

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