Two adult (~18 month old) Toulouse Geese

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    Apr 26, 2011
    These are the last two out of eight Toulouse geese I got as day-old chicks last year from Metzer Farms, shipped April 09, 2012. I had planned on slaughtering all of them by last fall but my wife had a pregnancy related heart attack and a great many health issues starting in June of 2012, so it took me a lot longer than intended to get to processing each goose. Now with their second winter approaching I'd like to sell the last two off.

    I never sexed them because they were never intended for laying, but these last two are behaving as a pair, one actually started laying eggs again a few weeks ago (I guess we had a warm spell?) and is broody.

    They were raised as livestock, so I can pick them up with gloves (sharp feet, have to corner them) but they don't socialize with me.

    Must pick up. Nothing comes with them, I use their feed for my ducks as well. If you're local and need to borrow a crate to transport them in, I have something.

    I'd like to let them go as a pair for $75 $50 each or best offer. I am near Newburgh, NY, zip 12577.
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    I wish you were closer!

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