Two Amerecuana Chicks


8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
Bay City, TX
I got two amerecuana chicks from my local feed store (who gets them from Ideal). There wasn't a choice on sub-breed. Now I've got one blond and one brunette. Any guesses on their type?
Last year mine from ideal were verry badly bred... they had single combs for pete sake! but you know wahts to expect from large breeders like that. Hope you get better luck I would say there colors are going to be a brownis red and a light colored pattern.
By type do you mean color variation?

If so they could be a rainbow of colors when they mature, the biggest reason is because hatcheries don't sell pure Ameraucana chicks. They sell Easter Eggers mislabeled as Ameraucanas. Your blondie will most likely be white, or the majority of her plumage will be. The little brown chick could grow into numerous color patterns. Does it have stripes like a chipmunk? If so, it may turn out to be "partridge" patterned. But you really won't know until your babies grow up!
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Yah, I mean color variation. Thanks for the phrase
The blondie has chipmunk-y markings, but the brunette doesn't. I'm so excited about my chickies! I'm hoping to eventually breed a dark brown egger, like the welsummer to one of the amerecuana girls and get an olive egger!

Here's a picture of them
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