Two Baby chicks died under mama.......

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  1. Hi there,
    I had a Buff Orpington go broody about a month ago. She was sitting on non fertile eggs. We got her 3 chicks from the feed store,( Polish crested) and they were doing good and then on the third day I went out to the coop and found 2 dead.They were sectioned off from the rest of the flock but could still see them. There were no wounds or anything on them and I am wondering why they died. One of them had pasty butt the day before but I cleaned that up. That same chick did look a little weak so I fed them some scrambled eggs and a little yogurt the day before they died. I am not sure the babies ate it but mama sure did. They had grit available also. I am wondering if they got cold or what? When my other broody Jersey Giant raised her chicks we didnt put a heat lamp in. I am wondering if we need to add a heat lamp? I live in Calif. so it is not that cold and they are in a coop with the mama. I did notice that the weak chick wasnt going under mama sometimes....I just thought if they had mama they didnt need a lamp. Oh by the way she accepted them right away when we put them in with her at night. What happened to my little guys???????
    Thanks for any replies!
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    First, I am sorry for your loss.

    If your broody rejected the chicks and was not letting them stay under her - they very well may have gotten cold. If they had no marks there could have been other issues or she was not letting them eat or drink. I had a broody and she would cluck when good food was offered to let the babies know their was good stuff. She let them eat first but if the broody is not fully in mom mode she may have competed with them for the food and water.

    Again, I am so sorry. It is always hard to lose them.

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    I've had a problem like this but with my guinea hen. She hatched her young and I found two or three dead under her in the morning. It was because she had so many and she accidently stepped on them. This might be the problem, some hens are not as careful as others and end up crushing the babies.
  4. Thanks Caroline,
    I watched her and she was showing them where to eat and drink so I don't think that was the problem. She would let them jump up and eat from her beak when I gave them the yogurt. As far as I could tell she did not reject them. When I went to check on them she was standing up and pacing around, that was when I found the bodies under the straw bedding.[​IMG] I went ahead and got 3 more chicks from the feed store, there was one that survived so she has 4 now. I have been watching and they are eating and drinking and they slept under her the first night which was last night. I ended up adding a heat lamp just in case. She has accepted the new ones just fine and seems to be happy again showing them the ropes so to say. I will keep a close eye on them. One of the new ones I just got had pasty butt also so I cleaned the bottom. I have never had a problem with pasty butt before and it is interesting that these new 3 are from the same batch that the two died were from. Are Polish chicks more fragile?I wonder what is causing the pasty butt? I chose to give non-medicated chick feed so I wonder if that makes a difference?
    Thanks for your input and sympathy....[​IMG]

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