Two baby Deer Mice Eyes open, fur...


6 Years
Sep 16, 2013

I hope I can help these little guys survive. My cat was trying to kill son rescued them. They have a heating pad under their aquarium. Hey ! I just saw one little guy out of his tunnel, and he is licking peanut butter! I heated it up and added a bit of honey...Yay!!! They are so sweet. Last year, I w=raised an infant raccoon until I was able to place him with a wildlife centre. I am so happy he is eating the peanut butter!
Cute! You're lucky they're older! A couple of years ago I got suckered into taking in an orphaned dumbo rat pinky. Oh my gosh, was that tiny little thing a TON of work. It constantly ate, constantly screeched if it couldn't be in your pocket (even though it had a heating pad). I was NEVER so happy to get rid of a critter in my life! Don't get me wrong, he ended up being a friendly little fellow, but ALOT of sleepless nights!
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