Two Bantam OEGB Cockrels

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    One black OEGB Cockerel 4 months old, One mix looks like a lot like silver duckwing but probably not perfect for the standards, this is my first year with chickens so my discription may not be perfect. I can email pix if you want, the black one "shadow" looks like his tail has been taking a beating because the silver "Avon" might be dominant. they were raised together with one other jap roo and 2 guineas, 3 pullets. They have begun to get vocal and though. Allthough they cant be heard through the windows when I sleep, my city wont allow roos. They are building new homes 300 feet behind me so... Sadly they need to be rehomed. They both have that nice blue green irridesence in their black plumage.
    They are nice little guys , please give them a nice life.

    Please pick them up in person. The price was supposed to be $2 each.
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