Two beautiful Roosters (RIR and EE) 3.5 months old in need of a good home in Southern California

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    Aug 27, 2013
    Southern California
    My husband and I got four baby chicks - we are first time chicken owners. We are 3.5 months in now and two turned out to be roosters. We are not legally allowed to have roosters in our residential neighborhood. Heartbreaking because they are great little guys. We would love to find them a good home. We'd either place them together or separate - open to either option.
    The RIR is very friendly and doesn't crow at all (so far). Very mellow guy and very striking! Really a wonderful rooster.
    The EE seems to be more dominant and has started crowing some mornings. If we throw a couple treats his way, he quiets right down. He's good with the other three birds - doesn't pick on any of them. You can just tell he's in charge though.
    We are in the Westlake Village area of Los Angeles. If anyone in Southern California wants a beautiful rooster (or two) for their flock, let me know. We have fed them organic food only from the time we got them (three days old) and they are very healthy birds.



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