Two black roos free to good home-- UP of Michigan, canNOT ship

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    Sep 27, 2010
    We've recently taken in a whole flock of production red hens from a family member who had no winter coop for them, and they came with two black roosters who are not getting along with our existing roos.

    So they are free for the taking. Sorry, I cannot ship, so this must be to someone willing to come and get them. We are in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan, between Marquette and Escanaba. Can provide directions if needed.

    From checking out breed pictures I think they must either be really dark Rhode Island Red roosters or perhaps black Australorps. They are at least two years old, and reportedly twin brothers, or at least from the same hatching. They are gorgeous guys with some white and green in their feathers, and white legs. They are heavy-sized roos, I think; they certainly outmatch my bantam roos by a lot.

    For some reason BYC doesn't like my image link so here are a few pics on Flickr:

    They do well together and are not aggressive toward each other. One of the pair is more timid than the other. However they both aren't fans of other roosters.

    I'd like to get them on their way before winter sets in to the point they are all cooped up together all the time, cause that isn't going to be good. Look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks!

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