Two Bloody Butted Birds...

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    Feb 7, 2012
    Hello Everyone!

    I took one of my partridge plymouth rocks (Stina) out of the coop a few days ago because her butt was bloody stubs, no feathers on her rear end at all. I cleaned her up, put some golden salve and tea tree oil on her, and she was happy to be inside in a cage. She healed up, but still had stubs for feathers. One of our americauna roosters (Butch) is in bad shape on the back end, so I let Stina go back to the coop last night and brought Butch in. He still has his tail feathers, not all, but his back side looks like dry, red, irritated skin with the feathers gone. He gets a few bloody stumps too. So, I cleaned him up, same thing, and went out to check on Stina this morning and her butt was all bloody again with many different hens just going up to her to get a few licks. She looks very scroungy?...lots of feathers are missing from her neck area as well. I've looked for mites and such but don't see anything. I have tried the bitter apple spray which has done nothing. So, blue kote? I'm desperate to see them get better. It's been going on since late Fall. Last fall, one of the americauna hens, (Cleo) had her tail chewed off and was bloody. I brought her in for two days and took her back out after the blood had healed and they just left her alone after that. She is no longer on the bottom of the pecking order, but now Stina is. I'm afraid Stina will get picked on even worse when she gets put back in. They have a nice size coop and are not only in a large pen everyday, but get to free range for two hours before sunset. It's cold, but they seem to love it.

    We have to leave for 24 hours so I put some black ointment on both birds butts tonight after they went into the coop. Very pine tar smell but a healing salve as well. Others seemed to stay away. Hopefully they'll be okay while we are gone....

    I'd appreciate any comments or ideas. My husband and I are kind of beside ourselves, but I am definitely going to get some blue kote.

    thanks, Laura

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