Two broodies.. two new enclosures

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    Sep 19, 2010
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    So, I made this penned off area and put both my broodys in it, on their eggs.. on seperate sides.. and had the eggs in a box on its side so it was more private..
    Well my bantam had a fit, and the standard kept attacking her!
    I've now seperated them...
    Standard and her 17 eggs gets the bigger new enclosure.. and the bantam gets the small little "tractor" style enclosure that hopefully will work for bantam chicks!
    They were both on nests in my secondary coop.. the one I use when i have youngins going from incubator - outdoors.. because it has a heat lamp in it.. and a little roost on a shelf, and I can put a fence across the front so they can see all the other chickens, but are kept safe...
    I had to move the broodies from there because they were both up on the shelf (it's a 6x4 tin shed) that spans the length of the coop, AND I figured once babies started hatching they'd fall off or end up under the wrong mom.. or they'd attack the other hens babies.. or something terrible would happen!

    Standard is cool with her new enclosure.. she was scratching around and eating and having a good time last time I looked. Bantam looks like shes going to kill me.

    Standards enclosure

    Bantams enclosure
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    Feb 26, 2011
    Hopefully everuthing works out for the bantam. Looks good hope you have chicks soon!!!

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