Two broody hens.

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    Hello Fam,
    About two weeks ago I asked about one of my hen going broody(
    She is being seating on her nest for about two weeks, so I'm waiting for her to be a Momma. Now here is my next question. I have this other hen, she hatched last year, and she was the best mom ever, together in the coop. What should I do? Should I keep them together? Thy are two weeks apart. What’s going to happen when they both have their babies? I was thinking on moving her, but I’m afraid they leave the nest. What should I do, any advice?

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    I would put both in their own spaces in case if a broody were to get off the nest and go back in a different one leaving the eggs to chill. And if both were to successfully hatch out chicks both broodies could fight each other harming both them and their chicks during the fight. I've got 3 broodies right now, 1 banty mix, a black tailed Jap, and 1 Serama, I'm keeping them in my brooding pen in my barn with 3 parts sectioned off. Feed & water bowls at the ready.
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    I'd separate them. The one time I allowed two of them to brood together, I ended up with broken and rotten eggs. Not a one hatched. I'd also be concerned about them being 2 weeks apart. The second broody may want to abandon her nest once the first ones hatch, and take care of them.
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