Two buff brahmas, 1 light...two hens one roo?


10 Years
May 4, 2012
Keller, VA
I have been trying to sex and identify the chicks that I will be keeping and the rest will go in the freezer when they are big enough.
I know these are Brahmas and I think the buffs are hens????? and the light a roo??? They are about 6 weeks.
Please excuse the ruffled feathers!! Helping grandchildren are worth it though!!

So here are pics of chicks labeled for now as #'s 8, 11, and 18.
The only one I'm almost 100% on is the light, Brahma roosters are huge sweethearts if you are able you might want to keep him. The other two do look like girls, though, the feathering on the 3rd chick looks male (the coloring looks female), but like someone said brahmas can change on you. I would be very surprised in the first chick turned out to be a male. That is a very typical female color pattern for a chick. The other color pattern you got (#18) can go either way.
Here is my light brahma at 6 weeks. I'm pretty sure I have a girl.



4 weeks


So far I'd say you might have all girls. Light brahmas combs are bigger then other brahmas from my experience.

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