Two Button Quail for Sale in or around Southern/Central New Jersey


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8 Years
Sep 22, 2011
Cape May County, NJ
Hello, I have two button quail I am looking to sell. They are a goregous pair. They were both supposed to have been female but the one turned out to be a male so I just kept them together and I don't have room for another pair. They are laying eggs at least every other day.

I keep these birds as my pets and they are spoiled. I keep them in a 36"Lx24"Hx24"D cage with padding on the roof and front opening doors. I would like them to be kept in a similar type cage that they are in, they enjoy the room and do not jump as much due to the front opening doors.They have a chinchilla house with sand in it for dust bathing, aspen bedding and are eating Purina gamebird crumbles mixed with a high protein canary seed. They also get veggies/fruit which that don't eat much of, oyster shells, millet and mealworms. If you are interested in giving this pair a good home let me know and I will be glad to answer any questions.

I am willing to drive part way to find these two a great home.
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