Two dogs attacked, injured chickens, need advice

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    Apr 13, 2010
    We had unwelcome visitors today. Two dogs. They wreaked havoc in the chicken pen. I had some 3 month olds that were freeranging, and surprisingly, they didn't get attacked--it was the adult ones in the back pens. (these pens can't be seen from the house).

    Long story short, at least one of the dogs was IN the pen when I discovered them, and had chased Sebastion, our young roo, who had enough wings to get over the fence, out of the pen. From there, the other dog attacked-- and attacked and attacked again--feathers in many places in the yard. The dog inside the pen chased and injured three of the hens.

    Thankfully their wings had grown out enough so a few flew high into the roosts. (we're not clipping wings anymore, so they have better ability to escape predators)

    There are three that I am worried about, and would like advice in how to care for them.

    The roo, Sebastion, looks bad--he got it the worst. His back is really torn up, I'm concerned he might get infection. I put triple antibiotic on the wounds I could get to, but I need advice. Lots of open wounds.

    Another hen, Charlotte is also in bad shape. Her left wing is dangling, and she's panting--I think she's in pain. No blood, but she looks bad. I'm thinking the wing is broken.

    Henrietta, I thought was dying when I found her. She was laying on her side, not getting up, and breathing hard. But I picked her up and she seemed okay--feathers gone in some places. She screamed when I touched her in spots to check her out, but no blood, no hanging wings, and she can walk. I think she's mostly shaken up, but she might be okay. She has a lot of bare patches, but no bloody spots.

    Felicity, I'm not as worried about, she lost feathers, but i think is okay otherwise. I want to kill two dogs! I was screaming and swinging a big stick at the one that was still in the pen--he frantically got away. I know they'll be back, now that they know the chickens are here. We normally free range, and hadn't gotten out to let the older ones out yet today. I don't care if they are someone's "Beloved pets", they're MINE if they come back, if I catch them. And they'll be quietly buried, never to be found again, and if someone comes asking if I've seen two dogs, I'll tell 'em there's coyotes around here, and they attacked my chickens, maybe they got your cute li'l dogs.

    I need advice about the first aid care. Should the injured birds be taken out of the pen? I have one dog crate, and three injured birds. I no longer have a quarantine pen, because it became a pen as we have added chickens. I have a small cage that we used to let the baby chicks play outside in--hardly big enough for a chicken to turn around in. And if I took them out of the pen, do they come inside the air-conditioned house? Or sit on the open (covered) porch our brooder sits on? (Not very predator-proof, except for it being so close to people.)

    I am SOOOO angry about these dogs!
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    Yes, you have to take the injured away from the others. Maybe those three could share if the crate is large enough. Try a box with something on top to keep them from trying to fly out.
  3. Definately if you see the dogs - shoot them, shovel a hole, and shut up about it (other wise kill 'em, bury 'em, and never say a word) lol SSS.

    First aid :

    YES they need to be away from other chickens - I dont know what your going to do with no quarantine pen and only 1 crate - but if you leave them with other chickens they're going to get torn up more. [​IMG] - the hen that doesn't look to bad but acts likes she's in pain - Henrietta - she may have internal damage from being shook around and just trauma from the bites... Not too much you can do for her, but keep her someplace quiet and dark and away from other chickens.

    The roo - pluck or clip feathers on his back around the wounds, make sure theres nothing in the wounds - flush them out with saline (cooled boiled water) and peroxide...Then put triple antibiotic ointment on - you may want to get some gauze and wrap him up as well...

    Charlotte - any open wounds do as instructed with roo - flush, and aintibiotic ointment. Definately get some vet wrap (horse wrap you can get at a feed store - different colors) Very carefully fold her wing to her body and wrap the vet wrap around her body and wing - just firmly enough to stay in place.

    For everyone - get a bottle of baby asprin - take 1 baby asprin and cut about a 1/4 off and crush it and mix it well in a gallon of water. This will help with pain relief some. Also antibiotics and vitamins (Poly - vi-sol - baby vitamin @ wal-mart or similar store) antibiotic - any good broad spectrum antibiotic this will help clear out any infection that gets into the blood stream (very possible since they were attacked and bitten by dogs).

    These birds are probably all in shock - and you may loose them through the night - however if they make it till morning you have a good chance they'll pull through unless they get taken by infection.

    Good luck [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Great advice! [​IMG] I just want to add, if you use neosporin for the antibiotic ointment, make sure that it's NOT the pain reliver one. You just want regular. Also I would mash up a couple boiled or scrambled eggs to feed to them. It will help give them a boost. Good luck and I am so sorry for all that happened to your birds. Your story has made me think twice about wing clipping... [​IMG]
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    Apr 13, 2010
    ScaredOfShadows, Thanks for the first aid advice--I didn't know what to do. I'll go get them now and treat them all.
    Yeah, i hear ya, shoot them, shovel a hole, and shut up about it (other wise kill 'em, bury 'em, and never say a word)
    That's our plan! and it'll be

    whap! "that's for Sebastian"

    Whap! "that's for Henrietta!"

    Whap! "That's for Charlotte!" LOL!

    These are shared chickens between us and the neighbor--and he has had the dogs visit before we moved in and he's livid!
    Catching them will be the trick.

    anyway, thanks again!
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    Jul 4, 2010
    a friend once told me "a good neighbor is more important than a bad dog"

    he was talking about how one of his dogs bit a friend and he shot the dog on the spot. but to me the idea is still the same. whether you shoot the dogs or they do
  7. I have two hens recovering from a dog attack and they looked pretty bad just 2 weeks ago. Both were not only bloody, but missing large patches of skin- one had a bare patch on the back of her neck, the other was missing ALL the skin on her neck from the base of the neck to the base of the wings. We almost just put her out of her misery, but she looked alert so we decided to give her a chance. Both are healing miraculously! We ran warm water over their wounds once a day for the first 3 days, and sprayed with invisible bandage. We hept them isolated till they started feeling well enough to be mad about it, then put them in the pen with our little ones (so the rooster wouldn't accidentally hurt them) And they are doing great! Soon as they hav feathers they get to go back out with the rest of the flock.

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