Two drakes for adoption in NJ

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    May 1, 2010
    Hello all-

    It breaks our hearts to do this, but we're looking for a great home for two of our Khaki Campbell drakes.

    It's a very long story, but we've owned the "parents" for a few years, and raised "Mom" from a 4 day old chick. Last winter, she successfully hatched two males and a female. Of those three, the "kids" get along great, but the older "son" and the father drake don't get along at all. Additionally, the three of them (Dad/2 sons) are mounting "Mom" nearly to death.

    We don't have enough space to just have a bachelor pad, and when they're out free during the day, the kids spend all day chasing Mom around, and Dad is exhausted trying to fend them off. They've learned to have one distract the father while the other goes for Mom, so she's very stressed much of the time and her health is failing. The daughter, meanwhile, gets long great with everyone and is a total sweetheart.

    Their life right now is pretty great, I think. They spend the night in a spacious house (a shed, really) with all the food, water and fresh hay they want. In the morning, we let them out, where they have a brief run to our pond, which is spring-fed and roughly the size of a really big in-ground pool. They have the run of the property (a huge lawn, basically) and are very good about sticking to safe areas close to water. Around four or five o'clock, we go outside and they either run back to the shed, or we call "c'mon guys" and they come in.

    We'd love for the two brothers to have a great home, with people who will love and care for them like we do. It would be great if they have mates, but we're not going to make that a condition of adoption. As they're Khaki Campbells, they're unable to be wild and fend for themselves and are anyway trained to come in at night to safety. One male is dark brown, the other has beautiful male Khaki plumage (and an interesting chessboard pattern on his butt). Both have great personalities and are somewhat vocal. They're not good fliers, but they can skim the ground for 40-50 feet easily. They love to swim and get along great.

    Our email is in our profile. Thanks.

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