Two ducks suddenly died


Jul 10, 2020
Our cayuga and Indian runner both passed away, three days apart. The cayuga died first, nothing seemed wrong. The only thing was she was very broody for a few weeks, hoarding eggs thinking they were fertilized. We finally broke up the nest and she seemed to get over it but never laid again and died a week later. A necropsy was preformed and the doctor said there was nothing visibly wrong with her and by all accounts she was a very healthy duck. Didn't drown, choke, have a heart attack, no injuries and all organs looked fine except her ovaries were slightly red. That was three days ago that Dorothy died, this morning Topanga, the Indian runner, was dead in the pond. She has not laid in over a week either and she was looking a little frail. The pathologist said her best guess is a possible bacteria infection. Any ideas what could have happened?! There were also a lot of feathers in the pond with each body but no injuries.

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