Two Free Banty roos to good home!! Indianapolis,IN Pickup only!

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  1. Attack Chicken

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    Sep 25, 2008
    Indianapolis, IN
    I'm on the east side of Indianapolis. Pick up only- will drive somewhat.

    These are the 2 first boys that were hatched from my first broody! The were hatched Oct 3rd and are somewhat skiddish because they haven't been worked with. I would like it if they could go together to a new home. Either there father is a standard white leghorn or a bantam blue wyandotte. Their mother could be either a black wyandotte, black wyandotte(with a gold gene), or a little mixed bantam that looks like a rose comb RIR. The first little one has very cool coloring and would probably produce some VERY pretty offspring. He's got almost a blue laced gold/brown thing going on. The second one is almost black with some white showing through on some of the feathers.

    I can get better pictures if someone is interested.


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