Two friendly hens for rehoming in London, UK

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    Feb 8, 2014

    I'm very sad to have to rehome my hens but we're moving out of the country, and taking them with us would be complicated and tough on them. They are 3-year-old hybrids, one Gingernut Ranger (the usual brown laying hen) and one Bluebelle. Lucy (GNR) will follow you around the garden, sticking her nose in everywhere, as GNRs love to do. She'll also jump straight onto your lap in search of treats. Belle is not quite as likely to jump up but spend a bit of time with her and she gets very nosy and friendly too. They'd both do just about anything for mealworms and sweetcorn!

    Lucy doesn't really lay any more apart from the odd softie, which causes her a bit of discomfort for a few hours or a day, then she passes it and all's well. Belle laid approximately 3-4 eggs a week last spring and summer, but I can't guarantee she will again. At their age, they aren't the best choice if you want to increase your egg production!

    Ideally I'd like someone to take them who has experience with hens, so they know what they're getting and how to handle them. Also I'd like them to be integrated slowly if you have an existing flock. I'd be willing to buy a small temporary coop/run for them if you need it to assist you in keeping them separate until they get to know their new surroundings and new friends.

    If you could pick them up that would be easier as my BF has already moved, with the car, to Germany. He may be driving back some time in March though so delivery might be possible at that point.

    Please let me know if you can help me by giving my beloved hens a lovely new home :)


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