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Hopefully y'all know that "Building Chicken Coops for Dummies " is the official chicken coop book of BYC! I think it is the best book out there for building chicken coops. Of course, I might be a bit biased since I helped write it!

We worked hard to take the top question and issues raised in the coops section of the BYC forum and cram them, and a handful of great plans into the book.

Here is a fun promotional video for the book:

great video can be found here:

only does the video above have fantastic information about raising backyard chickens, at about the 11:00 minute mark in the video you can see the co-author of the book, Todd Brock, walks through building one of my favorite coop designs in the book, "The Minimal Coop"! I pushed REALLY hard to get a coop design in the book that had the lowest cost, least amount of cuts, and least amount of waste. The results are a super basic coop that costs only about $200 to build (plans found in the book on page 186)!

WOW Rob...imagine my surprise when I checked out t "the minimal coup" and realized that it is very similar to one I build myself!
Yours is a it better though and I might make the modification of having a large door that opens...I opted for a window and it is really hard to get in there to clean it out!

I built mine out of found materials and it only cost actual money for the hardware! Isnt this hobby a blast? Thanks for this great place to share and learn! Terri O
Fantastic Nifty!

I ordered it just for the fun of it. We are well established here with coops and tractors and free range runs, but you can always learn more!
I LOVED the first video with the narrating cartoon rooster. Very well made. Congratulations.
I wish I had seen this BEFORE I started building! I started the Minimal last weekend (it's actually part of a whole "hen palace" - a covered porch flanked by two Minimals from the book - I added a chicken door to each, and I'm installing a shingled roof).

Check out my plans (each square is 2 feet square):


and progress on my blog:
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