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    I have a story about my two hatches of guineas, 1. hatched in incubater July 15 this year no. 2 hatched under my red sex linked hen that went broody. The first hatch I raised under a light in my brooder then I moved the 7 guineas to a large pen I have had to raise young fowl in.
    Then the red hwn hatched 7 Keets on August 26. I place her and her chicks in the pen with the incubater keets. Everthing was fine and when the Red hen's keets were 6 weeks old she started laying eggs again so I remove her to the Hen pen and things started going down hill from there. The old guineas picked on the younger keets and that grew worse every day in attemp to stop the fighting I turned the whole crew out 2 days ago. The older guineas took to the out side world fine and most of the picking on the little guys stopped because they had more room to flee. The younger keets spent the day running around the red hen pen trying to get into the pen.
    I was unable to get any guineas back in the guinea pen that night. They all roosted on top of my covered hen pen that night.
    Yesterday I found the older keets wanting in the guinea pen to eat and I drove them in with out any trouble but the younger keets were running around the hen pen screaming bloody murder wanting in there. I knew they were hungry and thought I will let them in with the hens and they can eat then I supposed the hens would pick on the young keets so I figured I would drive the keets back out.
    I was amazed to find the guineas and my red hens didn't fight and the keets think all the red hens are their mama.
    I have decided to leave the younger keets in the hen pen to see what develops and the older keets will go out in the morning and back in the guinea pen in the evening to eat and roost.
    I would like to have the 14 guineas merge into one flock by spring but I wonder if this is possible with the two different hatches and the younger flock thinking they are chickens? what do you think I should do with these strange birds?
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    What a beautifl flock you have [​IMG]

    I have hatched out 100's of keets this year, i keep my keets in a topless brooder outside in my green house as soon as they start flying out i raise one side of the brooder and set it on a brick, this allows the keets to go in and out of the brooder but the bigger birds can not.

    Sometimes it takes a little longer for the older guineas to get use to the keets, but for the most part my older guineas have no problem excepting the keets or chicks.

    Just give them a little time, my keets stay close to the brooder area till they reach 4 months, then they start ventuing out a bit farther, after about a month they are blended with the rest of my flocks and on their own.

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    I kind of hard the same problem as you pattypenny. [​IMG]
    A broody hen hatched ou 4 keets, while she was setting on the eggs she adopted 2 week olds that I had put in the pen with her. When the keets hatched the older ones were already about twice as big as them, but they all got along fine cause they were raised together. When I moved them all to the front yard to the "Guin-Guin Hutch" my 5 adult guineas would really try and beat up on the smaller ones, most of the momma chickens kicked their butts, but the keets figured out pretty fast to stay away from the older ones.

    Give them time - [​IMG]
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    Mine run in about 3 seperate groups from about 25 to 50 each. But I too keep mine away from the bigger ones until they are about 4 months old.
    I hatch mine in the bator and they are always with chicks or poults so I dont think it bothers them who raises them, guineas are just bossy! [​IMG]

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