Two hens Pro-laps Vent Close period of time, Any Input would be great.


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Apr 20, 2012
North East Ohio
OK so over the last week or so two of my white leg horn hens, some of my older ones about a year and a half or so, prolapsed there vents. Both were culled because in both cases they were not little pro-laps i mean they were really prolapsed. Both were found because of the large amount of blood loss. I am just seeing if anyone has input on why two of my leg horns would pro-laps so close to one another. I have noticed nothing out of the ordinary with any of my chickens. My leg horns have been laying nice large white eggs One a day every day with a break every so often. They are a healthy weight and size. There color is great, they are active they get plenty of food, clean water and free range time. I am really just concerned. don't want to lose any more. My daughter keeps asking me why do the chickens butts keep breaking. The only other thing i can think to mention is some time ago one of the leg horns from the same clutch died of an impacted egg. Is this a common occurrence with leg horns. Thanks in advanced for any in put.

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