Two hens taking turns sitting on eggs?

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    One of my brown shaver hens started to show signs of broodiness, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to let her hatch some fertilized eggs. But the next thing I know, our other brown shaver hen ( who has shown no sign of broodiness ) decided that she'd also sit on them, carefully tucking them under herself, and collecting bits of hay to shape the nest. I've been observing them over the last couple of days, they seem to be taking turns sitting on the eggs.

    Is this going to be a problem? for two hens to sit on the same eggs? They seem to be alternating.. If a hen without signs of broodiness such as puffy feathers, broody behaviour to desire to sit on the eggs, could she still be broody? I'm so confused.

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    Select the hen staying on nest at night. Break other of her broody cycle. If both on nest at night, then remove one that just went broody. Risk of hen-hen conflicts high when brooding same clutch or nest too close together. Much of conflict you will not see directly as often brief yet hard on eggs and chicks later.

    I have had hens co-parent many times brooding eggs and raising chicks. Single hens generally do a better job.
  3. If no signs of Broodiness? She is just enjoying the eggs and likes to lay on them......I have ones that do the same.....I just pluck them out......Then tomorrow, I pluck them out have Broodys setting Duck eggs and one other hen helps when she an issue........Before the eggs are ready to hatch move to a secure set up so the Chicks and Hen are not bothered....


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