Two incubating questions...probably silly...

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    Ok, you are supposed to increase the humidity on day 18. When do you start counting? Is the day you put them in Day 1, or is Day one when they have been in there for 24 hours?

    Next question. My incubator does not have its own turner. Partly this is because of money, and partly it seems to me that if I was trying to replicate the experience that the Eggs might expect from a hen, I should turn them myself. After all, a hen doesn't slowly push her eggs up one side and then down the other side. So anyway, the instructions with the incubator said to turn them three x daily. Should all three be during the day, or should I get up to turn them once in the night? Or should I turn them more often?

    I seem to have trouble keeping my hands off them. Is it detrimental if I turn them too often, more than 3 x daily?

    If these eggs do not hatch it will not be because I have not tried. Ok, I confess. When I turn them I even make broody noises at them.

    I am sure they appreciate all this.

    I do have the L.G. regulated, with advice from a very nice person on this forum.
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    I usually put mine in in the evening and call the next day day one.

    Mark eggs with a pencil X on one side O on the other. That is to keep track of which way to turn.

    I don't think 3 times in 24 hours is enough. The turners turn them six times in 24 hours.
    I would do a schedule like 6 AM 10 AM 2 PM 6 PM 10 PM

    You stop turning on day 18. Increase humidity by adding a wet sponge under one of your vent plugs.

    If you do you will risk the chicks shrink wrapped and die. Even if you want to take one out don't . They can stay in bator for 3 days without food and water as they have just absorbed egg sack.

    If you need to add water put it in the bator by putting warm water in a syringe and shooting it onto sponge under vent hole.

    Good luck !
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    I turn mine 2 times a day when I work, 3 times a day when I am off work.

    I get 85-90% hatch rates so it is working for me.

    VERY IMPORTANT - wash your hands before and after handling the eggs !
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    DITTO here. [​IMG]

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