two issues: egg laying/roosters fighting

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    Hi everyone. Two separate questions:

    One: my hen has reached POL. She squats in front of me and clearly wants to mate, but no egg yet. Any thoughts?

    Two: My two cockerels have clearly reached maturity and have had a huge fight today. Stan is now in charge, has all the ladies, and took control of the coop. Jim, the fallen one!, is now not allowed anywhere near the coop because Stan will attack him, and all the other chickens ignore him. He is letting me pick him up - something he never before did - and also sits in the rain alone. :( I have put him with two silkie hens that I keep separately to the main flock, so he looks happy there. Is it poss for roosters to get so depressed about being kicked out of the flock that they give up? He also used to h ate these silkies but now he is in with them he socialises lovely with them. Is it because he sees himself lower than them in the pecking order now? Will this stay like this?

    Thanks, Kelly.
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    Mar 8, 2012
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    Hiya, Kelly - can't help with the second issue (I have no roos), but as to the first...I have a salmon faverolle that squatted, literally, for WEEKS before she laid her first egg...and then the first few were almost shell-less (even though the flock is on layer ration and has access to oyster shell). It is QUITE frustrating...even though she is going on 7 months old now, I have only gotten 2 "normal" eggs, and the 3 abnormal eggs.
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    Thanks for the reply!!:) I hope she lays soon, seems odd having to buy eggs when i have 7 hens. They are all young yet though (had to start again after a fox attack and i like to raise from chicks) although Henny's squatting looks promising! xx

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