two laid in one day?


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Daisy started laying about two weeks ago and after a short break of 3 days, she started laying on a daily basis. Saturday, Sunday, Monday... and today, Tuesday, I found TWO eggs. I checked the nest because I'd seen her sitting, and one of the eggs was warm. The other was cool, though. She'd laid her last egg right around 24 hours earlier.

So, either 1) I missed an egg on one of her "days off" -- which is unlikely, because I hunted and hunted 2) she laid two eggs in one day or 3) one of my Australorps started laying.

I guess I'll know for sure in a few days, if I keep getting two eggs, but what the hey, I thought folks would like to join me in speculation.

For whatever its worth, Daisy is a black sex-link.
It's not unusual for a young hen to lay 2 eggs in one day, especially if she's just started. It could also be your australorp too.
Personally I've never had a bird lay more than 1 egg a day. Not to say it doesn't happen, but my guess you have another bird that has started to lay.
I had never heard about it until I witnessed it myself. It was with a white leghorn hen which are EGG MACHINES. She had laid her first egg while I happened to be in the coop. Then a few hours later she laid another one, again while I was in the coop. She did it again within the first month of laying but then went on to lay 1 egg a day non-stop. My other white leghorn also laid 2 in one day when she first started but she only did it one time. In fact, these two hens were the only two I've ever had that have done it.

I don't think it's something they all do, but for the leghorns and any other egg laying hybrid (which are bred specifically to lay large numbers of eggs) it is not unusual at all.
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Nope, it's not possible.....25 hours for the next egg seems reasonable. First the flock will lay in the morning, then you will notice that it becomes later in the day until the cycle changes enough to become morning layers again.....

There are many things that ARE possible, even if we haven't witnessed them ourselves. When a hen first starts to lay, it is not uncommon for there to be glitches and laying two eggs in one day is definitely a glitch. The same happens with human females when they first start menstruating. The cycles are irregular for a time and then gradually they become steady.

It's definitely not the regular course with most chickens but as I stated above it's not unusual for the prolific egg layers.
Well, whether it's possible or not, my RIR did just that...2 eggs in one day. She had been laying about 4 weeks at the time. I haven't had another 6 egg day since (only 5 are laying right now) so I can attest that it does happen!
I'm skeptical about the 25 hour thing. We have 4 Ladies that all lay and have been for about 2-3 months. every morning we would go out first thing and get 1 egg then go back in an hour and find 2 more. If I wait until 10am everyday all the ladies have done their job.

I do agree that it Should get later and later everyday but I don't see it happening with our Girls.
My neighbor swears her in-laws flock of RIR all laid at the same time every day. In my experience, the 25 hour rule is a generalization. I haven't actually timed it but my egg production from 12 hens is approximately 3 one day and then 5-6 the next. When I had just a few layers it was much easier to see who was laying and when ~ of course I was always out in the coop that first year too
Well, no eggs at all today... which makes me think it was Daisy doing a double yesterday. We'll see what happens tomorrow, but I'm betting there will be one from Daisy.

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