Two mamas, six baby peepers...moving to coop?


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Feb 20, 2018
Pacific Northwest
i have read a lot about the coop with babies and no mamas...and a few posts about the babies with mamas, so I am getting ready to move at least one mama with her three chickies into a separate space in the coop. Based on what I have read, mama should keep the little peepers plenty warm. (And there are two high hanging heat lamps in the coop.) Both moms and their babies are in one room in the barn at the moment, but the room is bigger than the enclosure I can put in the coop. I am thinking that a space 80 inches by 36 inches is too small for both mamas and six chicks too. Right? One set of babies is about a week and a half older than the others.

What do ya'll think?
I just put my Mommas and Chicks right into the Flock. Mommas totally protect the Chicks . I just place Chick feed into a dog dish on the floor close to where Momma wants to be and make sure they can access water easily.
All my other Hens accept the Chicks and my Rooster tidbits to them.

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