Two Marek's vaccinated Buff Orpington point-of-lay pullets wanted, will pay $30 for each + S&H

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    I've been running an ad here on BYC for a while now, but, I've gotten NO replies, not one. And despite checking craigslist in EVERY southern state and some of the midwestern states and a few of the northern and the western states, NO ONE seems to have two point-of-lay or newly laying pullets that are buff Orpington and that have been Mareks vaccinated. (I was concentrating my craigslist search on the southern states because they have warm weather year round and so would be more likely than the cold northern states to have hatched chicks last fall and early this current winter.)

    I've sent out dozens (literally) of emails to farms, and breeders, and Orpiington clubs and hatcheries, but NADA, NOTHIN', ZIP.

    SO.... I'm obviously going to have to change my target date and make arrangements with someone to ship to me this coming July or August.

    If you are hatching buff Orpingtons now, and are vaccinating against Mareks, could you PLEASE contact me and let me know that you'll send two pullets to me in July or August (when they are four or five months old)?

    This is the ad that I've been running on BYC :
    I would like to purchase two buff orpington pullets that are anywhere from four month old to about ten months old.

    I need them to have been vaccinated against Mareks when they were chicks.

    I am located in a suburb in NY; zip code is 11520.

    If they've already started laying when I get them, that would be ideal. (No roosters allowed here; egg laying is definite proof of female gender.)

    No need for exhibition show quality; plain ole pretty is fine with me.

    MUST be vaccinated against Mareks. (Just lost two Easter Egger hens and I can't go through that again.)

    Happy to pay all costs of birds, shipping box, and United States Post Office overnight delivery fees.

    Little grandkids waiting to meet two new feathery friends. Please see if you have what we're looking for.

    We live in hope.

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