Two mature Pekin drakes...fs or trade for duck... Maine


11 Years
Mar 26, 2008
Okay- I'm looking to trade a super healthy, free ranged, fully mature Pekin drake for a duck- of any breed, but preferrably a larger breed.

OR I'm looking to trade two Pekin drakes for several large breed cockerels or chickens. (They will be destined for the freezer, I should mention.)

OR I'm looking to sell two Pekin drakes. I suppose I'd sell them for $10/each. ? (I'm not sure what ducks are going for these days.)

I thought I'd saved out a pair from the flock I'd processed this summer, BUT I was mistaken and clearly have two boys.

The problem for me is that they've become like pets and I really don't think I can make them into dinner. They come when called (you have to quack) and are super cute, of course.

If YOU can put them in the freezer, that's fine. I'm not stipulating they need to be pets, just to be clear.

Anyone interested?

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