Two milk cows- Jersey and Gurnsey in Kansas City area

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    We will be moving out of state next year, so we have decided to sell our family milk cows. They are both fantastic, gentle cows that would be a great asset to any family farm.

    First is Rosie. She is 3/4 Jersey, 1/4 Angus. She is 5 years old, and as of today, we do not believe she is bred. She is currently in milk; she gave birth May 1st, and is currently nursing her steer calf full time. We have machine milked and hand milked her. She did get pink-eye this summer, and may have lost some sight in one eye. She was producing 4 gallons/day at her peak this lactation. Rosie does very well as a grass-fed cow; she tends to get fat if we give her any grain at all. Price for Rosie, without her calf, $1100. With her calf, $1500.

    Next is "Baby Moo". She is 100% Guernsey, and is 3 years old. She gave birth to her first calf April 6 of this year. She was AI bred to the Jersey bull Eclipse, to sexed semen, so she is 98% likely to have a heifer calf, due April 27, 2014. She is currently in milk, nursing her steer calf full time. She has been machine milked and hand milked, and at her peak this lactation was giving 4 gallons per day. She also got pink eye this summer, but looks like she will have no long-term damage, as we were able to treat it early. Baby Moo would do better getting more grain. (She is currently not getting any, and is getting a bit thin. When we were milking her, she got some each day, and was not too thin. Her calf is getting huge, though, and she would probably also do well to have him weaned!)
    Price for Baby Moo without her calf, $1800. With her calf, $2300.

    Oh - both steers were share-milked for the first 5 months or so of their lives, so have been trained to lead.

    If interested, please reply to our Craigslist ad here via email.

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