two month old chickling injured by older chicken in the coop need advice

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  1. hezzie93

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    Sep 12, 2012
    We were introducing our chicklings to the flock, we always wait till they are completely feathered and do it a little at a time.
    We felt comfortable that all was well as this had been the third time they were all together. We left for a hour or so when we got home one of the chicklings was in the corner of our pen and the older chickens had pecked her almost to death. when you lifted he wings it was a bloody raw mess.
    this was sunday we took her into the garage right aways and cleaned her with saline, and I layered a ton of antibacterial cream on her back. WE put her in a box under a light heat lamp to keep her warm.
    She never seemed like it phased her. We didnt let her eat or drink till later that night but she ate and drank as soon as it was offered.
    As of today she is eating drinking and going to the bathroom the wound appears to be healing but there seems to be a bluish ting to some of it.
    What is that and is there anything
    Will we ever be able to put her with out flock?
  2. sourland

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    [​IMG] The bluish/greenish tinge is probably bruising. Generally birds should not be introduced to the flock until they are as large as the other birds - even then it can result in upheaval and pecking. I would not try to introduce her to the flock until she is mature and completely healed. Then I would introduce her gradually under monitored conditions.
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    Once she is healed up some put her back in with a few of her age mates. Generally it is best to wait to introduce young birds into the older bird population until they are all of a similar size. You might get away with putting them in younger most of the time, but always run the risk of injuries. Once they have grown up some you could try re-introducing them as a group.

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