TWO moults?? What's up w/ that??

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    Clarice moulted in July--pretty majorly. She lost about 80% of her feathers, refused to come out of the coop (or down from the roost) for several weeks (I had to force her, which isn't pretty given her personality!), didn't eat well, etc.

    She got through that, grew back feathers, and looked to be her usual gorgeous self

    But now she's doing it AGAIN!! What the heck?? Exact same behavior.

    She's never done this more often than once a year in the past. Anyone have any ideas?? We DO have 2 new chickens, one of whom turns out to be a roo. They are housed separately from Clarice and Svetlana now (but right next door, sharing a common chainlink wall), but things have seemed pretty peaceful since the first few days. The new chix have been out in the pen for a month or so now.

    HELP!!! Is this normal or should I worry??
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    Gee, I don't know. I'll be interested in reading the responses you get. I'm in Texas, and I'm seeing some unusual molting in my flock this year also. I wonder if it has anything to do with the extreme heat this year.
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