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Mar 4, 2017
Hi all,

We found these two birds looking for a home on Craigslist and couldn't resist. They are the sweetest birds and we were curious if anyone could tell us whether they are full blooded or not as they look strikingly similar to our Buff Orpingtons and Bielefelders. The Buff looking one we believe is a male due to the waddles and larger comb.


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None of them are showing obvious signs of being cockerels. At 8 weeks just because the comb is larger doesn't mean its a definite cockerel especially when the comb is pink or red. Could you get some better pictures for me try and see if they look pure bred? They sure are cute!
I agree I don't think the buff is a male either. Comb isn't very large and I don't see any wattles. What color legs does he have? The other looks pullet and like a pure bred ,I've seen birds like her but don't remember the breed. She is lovely.
Your Buff Being around 8-9 weeks is defiantly a pullet. As for your second chicken, is also a pullet. I have hatched and raised Buff Orps from an egg up to laying age. And the buff is pure bred, as for second chick, she looks like a welsummer.

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