Two Newbie's Today


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Well I had pretty much given up on hatching for a bit.But I candled those egg's last week and 2 of the last 5 out of my columbian wyandotte bantam's were good.I Took the turner out of that LG and just left the egg's in that one instead of moving to 2nd bator.One hatched yesterday eve. and the one was like all screwy this morn with a big foot sticking out lol.It had been working basicaly for 2 days and I gently helped it out and they are doing good and already in a warm brooder.I was basicaly dreaming about egg's early this morn and stupid spiders in the egg's baaaaa.Well I just set another 11 egg's Tue.6 are suprise I guess cause I still dont know who is laying them they TINY eggs will see.They either silkie,OEGB,bantam Sumatara.Potluck lol.All The OEGB's are back in that coop with the 2 sumatra hen's now since Buddy the terror Roo got put down but even if OEGB/sumatra mix they will be nice lil bird's.

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