Two not so great photos of potential roosters...NEW BETTER PHOTOS!


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Apr 4, 2009
Ok so out of four chicks we really thought we had three hens and one rooster, however the older they get the more suspicious two of them become. These are some not so great photos of Waffles and Mary Brown. If you can't tell from the photos could you please give me a list of what I should be looking for? They're 12 week old Barred Rocks.
Cripes, I just realized I don't know how to post photos...isn't there a way to do it from an iPhone?
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Ok, so the first two photos are of the same bird, I was trying to get a better shot with three of my kids milling about...the last photo is another one. My concern with the first one is those suspicious black feathers appearing in his/her tail...



Really? I don't see it on the third photo...I need better pictures.
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those are 2 roosters. their combs and wattles are to large and red for da 12 week old pullet. do you have any pics of the 3rd one? their legs are also solod yellow all the pullets i have seen have a black/slate wash down the front as well

Hens, black splash on legs, smaller combs, and notice the coloring, darker than a roo




Rooster....bright yellow legs, larger comb and wattles, and the coloring is brighter

You have roosters...
The second photo I'm calling a cockeral.

The third photo I'm still debating. But from this particular photo I'd call her a pullet.

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