Two OEGB Silver Duckwing male chicks, free in Chattanooga TN


6 Years
Jun 23, 2016
Hixson, TN
I was given 3 show quality/show bloodline silver duckwing Old English Game Bantam chicks on 9/28 that were about 3 days old. They've been hand raised inside in a brooder in my living room, are friendly, used to being handled, and will sit on your fingers/hand like a parrot. Two just confirmed that they are male with their new black chest feathers and little combs coming in. I live in the city and cannot keep males, so I'm starting early looking for homes for them.

I will drive up to 30 minutes one way to meet up for a good home if you take both. Not asking for reimbursement or rehoming fees, just a good home. They're currently still under a heat lamp but should be ready to rehome within the next couple weeks. This picture is before their little growth spurt, and the 2 in the back are the boys that need a home.


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