Two Old English Game Bantams in N. AL

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    Mar 14, 2008
    It was confirmed as of a 1/4 til 5 this morning that both my loved babies that I hatched out are roos. I can't keep
    them:-( I really hate it b/c I'm attached to them.

    I've already had someone local ask about them and heard they have been involved in cock fights so they got turned down!! I don't want to list them in paper b/c they are my babies. They are 8 wks old and free to a great home. One is black and the other is a quail color...he's gonna look like Gravy in my avitar pic.
    To anyone that might be interested I am right in the middle between Huntsville AL and Fayettevile TN.
    I can get recent pics if anyone wants to see them now:)
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