Two one-year old roos. Any suggestions?

El Federico

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Apr 27, 2011
We have two one-year old free-range broiler roosters that I want to cook for Christmas (the Yuletide season in the Philippines, by the way, starts in September, and it's not unusual to see witches and skeletons mingled with tinsels and poinsettias). Any suggestions on how to cook them and, if possible, what to feed them to get the best flavor?

I remember when we cooked some of our roos a few months ago. It was like eating a tough old Velociraptor. LOL
crockpot! Slow cooking for hours on low heat....
If they are still alive you can cage them and feed them chicken feed and table scraps for at least a month (longer if possible) and they will be tender and tasty. The table scraps will give the meat a great taste and yes give them left over cooked meat as well.

If they are already dead then you will need to simmer them in a pot of liquid for at least 3 hours before using the meat.

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