Two Pied Guinea Keets -- Northern California


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Dec 15, 2009
Penn Valley, CA
I have two pied guinea keets looking for a home in northern California. They were hatched from my own birds, they are currently around three weeks old (I can keep them for you until they are older if you want--I don't mind having them around for a few more weeks!), very healthy and energetic, and CUTE.

$10 for both, they must go together. Not sure what genders they are yet. I'm located in Penn Valley, CA, about an hour from Sacramento. I go to the Sacramento/Roseville/Auburn/Davis/Yuba City/Marysville areas a fair amount, so I can deliver them to you if you wanted, or meet you about an hour out from my house if you're coming from more than an hour away. To a good home only, please don't inquire on these two if you're going to use them as meat birds.

Guinea fowl are excellent at controlling pests, love to wander around, make great guards for your chickens (they call the alarm if anything suspicious is nearby), and they're goofy birds. These guys have been raised with chicks so they will get along with chickens if you keep them with chicks and chickens after purchasing. They're very hardy birds once they get past their first few weeks. Here is some information on guineas:

me or post a reply to this thread if you have any questions! I can post pictures if desired.

(Psst, I also have two gorgeous, friendly OEGB cockerels (one black, one BB red) free to a good home if anyone is interested. Perfect birds for 4H projects, pets, or flock guardians. They treat hens well, too!)

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