Two questions about chicks, eating enough? and colors


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I have adopted 4 peachicks. I have no idea of the age but I do know they are relatively young (not flying just sort of the jump and try hard time) my guess would be a couple weeks. They are good sized, act healthy, active, alert, etc. My concern is compared to all the chickens I have hatched and raised they are barely eating!! The chickens ate like little piglets but these guys don't eat much at all. They do not appear to be losing weight but I am quite concerned. The other question is about coloring. I have been going through other questions/pics etc and noticed that the chicks were white. But it also said they were BS and not white chicks. Do all peachicks start out white? These guys are feathered out brown. Their parents are both India Blue. As you can probably tell this is my first time with peafowl. Any help more than greatly appreciated! Oh btw, I am feeding purina game bird growth and plumage ( my husband picked it up for me), the local tractor supply store doesn't appear to carry starter game feed only starter chicken feed.
No all peachicks dont hatch white. now the BS look like they do, but if you look their flight feathers are cream colored. Silver pied hatch out mostly white ,but will have few dark areas. White peafowl hatch out white flight feathers and all.

If your are IB they would hatched out brown, other colors.

Peachicks or even grown peafowl DON'T eat as much as chickens.

Peachicks also hatch with flight feathers, and can fly in a few weeks.
These all look like maybe white to the newbe.

Two silver pied two BS one is purple bs other is peach bs.


Here is pic of a white note flight feathers.


Now a purple blackshoulder


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