Two reds and one Buff please sex them

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by chelsea1183, Jul 11, 2016.

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    Pleas help me determine what sex theses are. I have a good guess but I would love a second opinion. They are 16 weeks old now and I can hear one of them trying to crow.
    First red


    Second red




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    These all appear to be female. At 16 weeks any cockerel should be incredibly obvious so I'm going to say you have a crowing hen. This is rare in any hen, but especially rare in a young hen - usually they won't do it prior to a few years of age, and even then it's quite uncommon. Crowing in hens is typically the result of a hormone imbalance, which itself can sometimes be a simple freak thing or the result of damage to the ovary. There's not really any way to fix it as far as I'm aware, though sometimes getting a (real) rooster can reduce or stop the hen's crowing.
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    It was a shocker when I heard crowing & I know I had pullets & think she was about the age of yours. Found out they do crow, read it right here on BYC :) Read that it could be a "dominate" female although don't think she was (Black Orpington). She was LOUD so ended up rehoming her and her bunch, didn't want her going alone to a new place. Started all over....
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