Two RIR Roosters + One White Leghorn Rooster For Sale

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    Dec 18, 2010
    First off: ***Do not push BuyItNow please***
    And ignore the shipping thing, I will NOT ship.

    Thank you. [​IMG]

    I have three LF roosters for sale, local pickup only. May be able to drive a short distance and meet you...depends, you can PM me or email me with questions, for pictures, information, etc.
    All my birds are healthy, and were vaccinated as chicks. They come from McMurray stock, and are all well-tempered though a bit shy (just haven't been held recently.) None of them have ever attacked anybody.

    I have two RIR roosters, and one white leghorn. All are purebred, and $5 dollars each, or $12 dollars for all three. Might consider a lower price.
    Roosters are fairly young, but are of breeding and crowing age.

    The leghorn rooster:

    RIR rooster #1:

    RIR rooster #2:


    Their wing feathers were trimmed slightly this winter to keep them in the lot. There was no damage done to the wings, or feather growth: feathers will come out completely again next molt.

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