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    Oct 20, 2007
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    I have two roosters who hatched Feb 21 and 22 of this year. Oliver is a Buttercup and Silkie mix. George is Silkie of mixed colors. I can post pics and will do so in a little bit. Oliver is currently free ranging with my two older hens and will not tolerate George. I don't have enough room here to set them up with their own ladies in separate areas. I was planning to bring one or the other to Chickenstock CT in June but if anyone is interested sooner. I can't choose between the two as to who gets to stay. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get pics added asap.
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    Kristen, this is going to sound odd, but I had the same problem and was so upset to have to give up one of my best boys, then one of the gals at My Pet Chicken told me that when this happened to her she leashed them with a piece of cloth around the ankle tied tightly and put each one just out of reach of eachother on tieouts.
    I put my Aracuana on a leash and realized that the seabright wasnt the I left it with just the one on a leash for around a day. He spent alot fo time trying to jump against it and get off of it...but ultimately gave up and just stood around. By the time he finally did get himself off the leash he had stopped fighting.
    Now my big problem is crowing...they have been crowing back and forth at 4 AM! The neighbors are not happy and neither am I!
    So I have been putting all my roos (I have a little serama with a BIG voice too) in a dog crate with a packing blanket over it at night.
    I dont know if the leashing thing ultimatley will work for everyone, but it is a way to allow them to be in eachother's faces and get over it.
    She also said that each roo should have at least 5 or 6 hens, and I dont have as many hens as I previously, Ive got 16 hen chicks growing like weeds, and Ive been buying a hen here and there on eggbid (looking for turkens and frizzles right now...frizzle turkens are my favorites)
    Good luck! I may end up giving one or two of my boys away...but so far so good as far as the fighting goes.

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    Oct 20, 2007
    Eastern CT
    Thanks for the idea. I'll give it a try and I'll try to hold out on rehoming one of them till I can integrate my 11 pullets. Right now it's 2 hens and 2 roos which I knew wouldn't work. I can also give them turns being free so that George isn't always the one in the crate.
    Funny enough, after initially testing their voices while they lived in the house, neither one crows much. My serama/mg who was the big crower now lives with perfectly_polish. Crowing will be a problem if either one starts up again! [​IMG]

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